I just found the tail end of a Lip Service episode on SBS2 sadly I’ve missed a good 75% of it. But not the Cat/Sam desk sex scene! Awww yissss.

Heather Peace 10/10 would recommend.


Get To Know Me Meme: [2/5] Favorite Relationships: Rose Ellen Dix/Roseanne Spaughton

-You sat on my fist! What kind of woman are you?!

-That kind of woman

relationship goals

nothingwrongwithbeingadreamer asked:
I really don't understand why you receive so much hate, I just want you to know, I think you're cool...

Thanks lovely!

Anonymous asked:
Orrrr that anon could leave YOU alone.

Yeah! Why don’t they just do that? That seems reasonable.

Anonymous asked:
I mean like, how do you know you're straight? How do some teens who've never done anything like that know their orientation? Exactly. You just know. Doesn't mean you have to do the nasty.

Are you agreeing with me or trying to tell me I’m wrong? I can’t tell…. help.

Anonymous asked:
Fuck you bitch! Not every person speaks English like a professor. Leave them alone and do not criticise them for their spelling because you understand what they mean and now go and fuck you. Or a girl. Sorry I forgot, you'll never ever hahahahahahaha

I don’t even understand the end of that second sentence, so I’m not even trying. I’m a lit student. If you can’t type with correct spelling, grammar and word choice, I’m going to correct your lazy uneducated ass. This goes doubly when you send me condescending bullshit.

Anonymous asked:
These anons make me sad to live on this planet

IKR? They make my brain cry.