Anonymous asked:
I've been with my girlfriend for a while, and I've gotten to that point where the thought of not having her is painful to think about. Recently, I haven't seen her much, and I thought I'd give her space because I know that I can be too much sometimes, but she sent me a message asking me if we'd still be friends if we broke up. She's scared of falling out of love with me, and the conversation turned shit and she disappeared. I don't know what to do, How can I save my relationship? She's the one

I don’t really know but I’d say the first step is talking to each other and seeing if there are any problems and then working on a solution.

Anonymous asked:
Hi :-) okay, so it might sound silly, but a few weeks ago I came out of the closet, at leat to mz friends. They told me they would support me which I am very happy about. But one friend also told me that she never would have thought that and asked if I was sure, because I am very feminine in my looks and behaviour and all the lesbians and bisexuals I know are more or less tomboys. so is it weird that I am not like a guy at all but feel attracted to women ? By the way, I am 16.

Nope, that’s not weird at all. I love fashion and dresses and make-up. So I’m not at all what society ‘thinks’ a lesbian should be.

heartless-sinners asked:
Okay so idk if I'm a lesbian or not but I'm bisexual, men freak me out , like having intercourse with a dude is horrible too me, I always just want it to end, plus guys are so gross to me, I really want to find a girlfriend, or a girl to start taking out and spoiling, but idk how to even meet girls that are into girls , and when I'm around girls that I know are gay I get so many butterflies and so nervous that I come across stupid af, it's really hard cause I'm so damn lonely & not into men

I’m not entirely sure if there’s a question in this one? I think with the nervousness, just kind of hope they find it really cute (I would).

akindofinfinitespace asked:
To the anon who was talking about her school uniform. Tell the old bitch to get fucked. You're at school to learn, not to get bitched at about your uniform. Wear the neon baby! If she has a problem she can take it up with the uniform shop. And then she can pay for you all to get new shirts that aren't slightly see through.

Are you joking? That’s the most immature way to respond to something like this. If you want to be taken seriously, you need to act like actual adults who are capable of respecting other people even when the same courtesy isn’t extended to them. Not children who swear at people and throw a tantrum and don’t know the meaning of compromise. 

Anonymous asked:
ok so i really like my best friend and we were at a party the other night and we made out like a lot but then she just stopped paying attention to me at all, I tried talking to her about it but she just says she doesn't remember, what should I do?

I’d just drop the subject. If she doesn’t remember it or want to talk about it, forcing the issue won’t help